Saturday, November 14, 2009

One Wedding and a Temporary Career Funeral

Well I must apologize to my one follower...for the delay since my last post. I was experiencing a rare occurrence…being home for a friends wedding. As a professional basketball player there are few months that I can fill out a wedding attendance card without fear of costing the brides parents two extra settings. I know that it is a little stressful for our poor hosts. We usually give the same response…”We’ll be there as long as we are here.” It’s a horrible response to give. It’s like telling them that we would be so honored to attend their wedding, unless something better comes our way. Over the years I have missed even my closest friend’s weddings for this game.

I am never happy when I have to make the call that I will be unable to attend the ceremony TOMORROW. It is such a fluctuation of emotions. On one hand, I am able to buy groceries again, and on the other I just missed out on the most important day of a good friend’s life. Tough call. However, when I am able to attend, a part of me is stressed that I am unemployed and going on what my friends and I call a “forced vacation.” Summer weddings are usually my best bet. I am supposed to be off of work and I can relax and enjoy.

Long story short this weekend was a lot of fun. Our friends Mike and Eden were married and it was filled with lots of awkward 7ft dancing. I am not much of a dancer, but I find when I have been drinking, I can blame the “full body dry heave set to music” on the liquor. When I first get out there I stick close to the wife while having serious self-confidence issues. Once she gives me the nod of approval that I’m doing ok…that’s when I really get into the groove. By the end of the night I am usually sweaty and worn out. In my mind it is a lot more fun then it appears. So if one of my readers happen to see me at a wedding, it is better to just smile and give me a thumbs up regardless of how my “running man” looks.

The main reason, however that I have been tardy with the blog, is the fact that my ego took quite the hit this week. I was scheduled to be drafted in the D-League last Thursday. A bunch of friends were in from out of town for the wedding. So I thought why not bring everyone over for a good old draft party? The answer of course was because there is a chance I won’t get drafted. And that is exactly what happened. Ouch…and yes it is as embarrassing as it sounds. Fortunately I have a great group of friends who picked me up and had me in a good mood within minutes. The thing that really gets my goat…thank you Charlie Kelly…is the knowledge that I know I am better than a ton of those guys. I understand that at 29 I am no spring chicken. But it still sucks none the less. When I started this blog, I was under the impression that most of my future posts would be from somewhere other than my sectional. It appears that my fans…again most likely singular…will get just what the title of this blog implies…waiting. Who knows, might be interesting reading.

I will say this…I started my career in the D-League and was so blessed to have a coach take a chance on me. It took me on a long road of professional basketball where I have had lots of successes and made lots of money. If Coach D never took that chance I never would have had a shot. All I can do is hope that one of the young guys a coach took a chance on this year will earn it. I hope he will work as hard as I worked and be as appreciative as I have been. And I wish him the best of luck. But for now I sit here under this tree looking into the distance waiting…waiting for that phone to ring...waiting for a team to sign me up…waiting to godunk.


Rita Christensen said...

Yikes, I thought you meant you own wedding at first......Love, Your Godmother

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