Monday, February 1, 2010


Well it finally happened. After putting it off for several months for fear of many unproductive days, I finally broke down and bought a new Playstation 3 game. And not just any game, but the greatest video game of all time, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010. Again, I have no idea why soccer has become such a large part of my life. Maybe it was when the USA hosted the World Cup in 1994 and we would kick the ball around daily. Maybe when my brother blasted an errant soccer ball through our screened in porch during a family gathering, hitting a huge vat of barbecue sauce and essentially ruining the party, was when I realized how much fun this game can be. I don’t know exactly how it came to be, but I couldn’t be happier it’s here.

My wife was fearful of this purchase, thinking that I would opt out of my daily lifting, sprinting and shooting sessions, not to mention my household chores, so I can spend time learning the nuances of the game. How right she was. I purchased the game at around 6:00pm Saturday night. It sat in the plastic until 9:45pm when she yawned, kissed me goodnight, than headed to bed. A six hour marathon ensued, finally letting up when I fell asleep in a crucial match versus Arsenal for control of the English Premier league.

I woke up at 8:00am yesterday morning so I could hit the gym early. By 11:45am I finally forced myself to go workout. If you asked me what I lifted I don’t think I’d remember, but I definitely know how to attack Chelseas’s famous diamond formation.

Despite the fact that I am nearly 30 years old, I still haven’t really grasped the concept of self-control. It doesn’t help that I work in a job that provides plenty of “down time”. Surprisingly, living in a foreign country by yourself can be slightly boring. That’s why professional basketball players need a hobby. If I didn’t have my PS3 with me the past few years, I might literally have died of boredom.

So now my wife and I have come to an understanding about video games. Fine when I am off playing in a foreign country. Not fine when I am still in my underwear finishing off one final game, with our dinner party guests due to arrive any minute.

Here’s hoping for one more season on the court, and plenty more on the controller.


Aramis said...

all right, man. You know , what You are talking about. PES is the ultimate game.
I hope You are doing fine in Tallinn.

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