Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ride 'em Cowboy!

Hey all,
I did promise you a bull riding experience, so I am finally delivering. Last week I attended a gathering which featured a mechanical bull...Now before you get all up in arms about me sustaining possible injuries while riding such an apparatus (Mom!), I assure you this version was watered down quite a bit. It consisted of a plastic bull in the middle of a "Moonwalk". For those who are unaware of that term, it is a large inflatable room, most often used for children's birthday parties, or in my case, my cousins wedding.

Anyway, I bravely perched my tall ass onto the plastic Taurus below me and grabbed the frayed piece of rope protruding from its back. Despite watching a youngster take a header into the inflatable wall a few minutes prior, I figured I would be fine. I have a feeling that the "carny" operating the machine could see my confidence because that bull bucked me off within the first two seconds. Now I'm not the kind of guy that is one upped by a man who's work attire consists of a trucker hat and a t-shirt that reads "Redneck Pick-up Line 'Git In The Truck". I quickly picked myself off the ground, hopped back on board and demanded another ride...much to the delight of the crowd watching below (My sister and wife).

The second ride was much more successful. I held on for a solid eight seconds before that redneck used every trick in his book to get me off. I enclosed a picture of my triumphant ride. I feel like the key to my balance had to be my weird "E.T." fingers that were apparently stabilizing my entire body. It may have been slightly less abrasive then riding a real bull, however I still can say that I participated in "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports". If only my friends from Roanoke, Virginia could see me now!


Anonymous said...

Wow, a mechanical bull and an inflatable for a wedding. That's so cool. I'm sure everybody had tons of fun!
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