Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stressful Week

Sometimes you need a horrific loss, just to remember what a win feels like. Now that may not make a ton of sense, but throughout the past week the amount of losses I endured were overwhelming.

Let's start with Tuesday shall we? I was "offered" a job from a team in France. The money was not great and neither was the team, but I figured, a job is a job. I asked my agent to find out the rest of the particulars like car, accommodations, etc. and let me know the following morning. Once I had all the info in front of me, I would make the best decision for me and my family. Unfortunately, the IMPATIENT team thought my inquisitions were a waste of time. Understandable I suppose, (More sarcasm) its only my life. The team apparently needed a body that was tall and able to place a round ball into a basket. Any body would do, as long as they were willing to jump through the teams hoops and pack up and go immediately.

(Usually I would not blatantly insult the infrastructure of some of these European teams, but I am sick of it! I hate how this business treats some players like dogs. They need to understand that behind our Adonis like physiques, lies a human being.)

So after losing a job, I turned my rage into writing and put the finishing touches on my latest blog for SLAM. I was very happy with how it had turned out. I saved it, taught a few basketball lessons, then returned home. I turned on the computer so my editor/wife could proofread it. The "blue screen of death" awaited me. With all my horrible luck over the past few years I was reaching my breaking point. I lost a job in the morning and my memories in the evening.

I called my friend Jeremy, who is my computer guru. He told me to bring the computer over so he can have a look at it. Panic stricken, I drove to his house to face the music. Jeremy inspected the computer pushed on the side and it started right up. (The hardrive screw had fallen out causing it to slide out of place.) After such a miserable day, I finally had some good news. As I look back, I can't help but think if the computer started up normally I still would have been in a horrible mood because of the lost job. However, since I had experienced such anger and stress, when I finally received some good news I was relieved. I went to sleep that night with a more positive attitude. After all of my losses I finally had a win.

So that's the story behind my latest blog. I want to thank everyone who retweeted, commented and passed it along. I was excited to share my D-League experience with the world. Like I said, it was the most influential time of my life.


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