Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lost in Transition

I've decided to intro my SLAM Online posts with jokes from Seinfeld pertaining to joblessness.

Kramer: "Well, grab a cigar, boys. Yeah. It's time to celebrate."
Jerry: "Wow. What are we celebrating?"
Kramer: "Uh, you remember my coffee table book?"
Jerry: "With the little legs?"
Kramer: "That's the one. A big Hollywood so-and-so optioned it for a movie."
George: "How are they gonna make that book into a movie?"
Kramer: "You remember that photo book on toy ray guns?"
George: "Yeah?"
Kramer: "Independence Day?"
George: "Oh."
Jerry: "How much are they payin' you?"
Kramer: "Let's just say that I don't have to worry about working for a while.
A long while."
Jerry: "That's funny because I haven't seen you working for a while. A long
Kramer: "Yeah, and you're not going to, because I'm hanging it up. Boys, I'm

SLAM Online: Lost In Transition: Discipline Points


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