Friday, August 12, 2011


Here is my latest article for SLAM Online...As you can see, some Charlatan has already left a negative comment insulting me...Feel free to give him the business...or if you agree with him, give me the business.

Lost In Transition: Bad Influences

Now as per tradition a Seinfeld quote dealing with joblessness.

George : Well this is bad . I am really in a bad situation now .

Jerry : so what is Steinbrenner going to do if he doesn't get his calzones ?

George : What's he going to do ? That's exactly the point . Nobody knows what

this guy is capable of ! He fires people like it is a bodily function .

Jerry : Why don't you get someone else from the office to go get Pisano's for

you ?

George : Because before you know it he'll be having lunch with him . You know

how these interoffice politics work .

Jerry : No . I never had a job .


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