Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jimmy V

I just finished watching the famous Jim Valvano speech during Jimmy V. Week on ESPN. I have never been more moved by a speech. Every time I watch it a tear always makes its way across my face. This year the speech spoke to me like never before. The past few months I have been fairly angry. Nothing seems like it is going my way. I have been working extremely hard and have yet to receive any benefits, besides maybe a decent looking body when my shirt is off.

Listening to him, as he spoke about living everyday with a positive attitude, made me realize that attitude really does dictate life. From now on, as I figure out how to succeed in my current situation, it is going to be with a smile on my face. Just like Jimmy said…Don’t give up…Don’t ever give up…Thank you Jimmy, I certainly won’t.

To donate to Jimmy V Foundation go to www.jimmyv.org


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