Monday, December 14, 2009

Thank You's and Updates

So this past week I have received several nibbles, but no bites. I was called by a few teams to see if I had interest, which I did, but nothing ever materialized. It feels nice to know that people still are aware I'm alive.

I also would like to send a thank you to a few friends of mine. My buddy Mike helped with the name of the blog, that has now become my alter ego. We both were discussing how my life is like the Samuel Beckett book, when he suggested the name. Good work Mike.

I also want to thank my buddy Matt Parisi who designed my new logo. It is not officially finished yet, but the rough draft is good enough for me to put up for now. Matt is a graphic designer, so if anyone needs any artistic designs, his ad should be on my page shortly.

Thanks to all.

Also Congrats to my other friend Mike. He was a fellow Waiting for Godunker, who recently landed a job playing overseas.

And finally a confused, nervous and excited hello to Roy Halladay, who is rumored to be close to a deal with my beloved Phillies.


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